Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Worst Snow Storm in 30 years...

So today was the first Wednesday field study and we took a trip to Odense, where Hans Christian Anderson was born and where he lived for the first 14 years of his life. We boarded our double decker tour bus at 8:45 in the morning and was soon on our way. The bus ride was about 2 hours long due to the snow storm we were traveling in. Snow does not stop anything here, not even the bikes. The ride also took us over one of the worlds longest suspension bridges which was very scary. Also along the way we passed the island where they used to exile women who got pregnant out of wedlock. The most interesting part was that they exiled them up until the 1960s. After we finally made it to the quaint town of Odense, and marveled at the fact that even in the snow and bitter cold they still have market day, we made it to the museum dedicated to Hans Christian Anderson. It was a very small museum with a ton of information packed inside it. We even got to see the house that they think he was born in.

After the museum we walked around the town of Odense trying to find the 50+ statues that are dedicated to him and his works around the town. We also grabbed a bite to eat before getting on the bus. Unfortunately the bus ride took over 3 hours on the way back because the snow storm had worsened. Our bus driver was amazing though and we made it back to Copenhagen safe and sound. And personally with very good timing, because we were delivered to DIS right before the first discussion for the Climate Change Seminar was about to start.

This weeks program was entitled Reflections from the COP 15 and we had 4 speakers discuss their thoughts on the COP15. This was very interesting because I would have loved to be at the COP15 so it was very cool to hear about what it was like from their perspectives.

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  1. Hi Em,

    Your writing is incredible. What an experience you are having. BERLIN - what fun!! I want to go there as well sometime.

    MD has about 30 inches of snow today - your family is snowbound at home. Your mom is dreaming about moving south. You know how she loves cold & snow. lol